Our Team


Rocio Villalobos, PTA

My name is Rocio Villalobos Physical therapist assistant and graduate from Western Technical college. I was born in El Paso, Tx and raised in Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico. The passion for my job has allowed me to contribute to my patients care with the knowledge required to have them better and functional in their life. I also love to bring healthy lifestyle awareness.

I also have a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology that allowed me to increase my knowledge and experience in sport rehabilitation. I am a certified personal trainer with certification in Rock Tape.

My favorite hobbies consist in playing tennis, mountain and road cycling, hiking, and everything that can provide me with an adrenaline rush.

I invite you to come to Spectrum Therapy, were you will find an amazing group of therapist and personal that will provide you with the assistance and care that you need.